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North West Alcohol Forum
1st Floor East, St Conals Campus,
Letterkenny, Co Donegal Ireland

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North West Alcohol Forum

North West Alcohol Forum Ltd (NWAF) established itself as a is a non governmental organisation established in the North West of Ireland to work in partnership with all sectors inclusive of Health, Justice, Community and Education to reduce harmful drinking and it's consequences to the individual, the family and the community in which we live and leisure. (See Attachment: NWAF Alcohol Action Plan 2005-2010). The NWAF LTD takes a population based appraoch to addressing alcohol related harm. Before its establishement as an NGO in March 2007 the NWAF comprised members of all sectors with a special interest in address alcohol related harm. The NWAF now consists of two wings;

  1. NWAF (membership of which is appendix in the Portrait of Our Drinking 20004
  2. NWAF LTD made up of a board of Directors (see attached re: membership). Guidelines re: strategic direction of NWAF are governed by the Board of Directors and incorporated into the memorandum and articles of association. General day to day project and decision making is dealt with by the Company Director


The NWAF Ltd Ireland as a NGO aims to:

  • Ensure effective implementation of evidenced based action to prevent the health risks and socioeconomic problems often associated with harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption on the island of ireland.
  • Recognise the importance of multi sectoral action and the pivotal role of local communities in developing mutually accepted comprehensive policies and programmes for the prevention and management of alcohol related harm.
  • Promote community mobilisation as an effective approach in tackling alcohol related harm within our local communities.
  • Within the island of Ireland invite intergovernmental and nongovernmental organisations to join forces in collective action thereby maximising and contributing to a border-wide effort in reducing harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption and related health and social problems.


  • To Reduce harmful drinking in the North West of region of Ireland while being cognisant of the national, European and international agenda.
  • To build capacity in the community to respond to alcohol misuse and related harm.
  • The advancement of education in relation to the harmful effects of alcohol in the North West of Ireland.
  • To increase understanding of the impact of inappropriate alcohol use on the health and well-being of the community and of the public policies necessary to reduce the problems associated with such use.
  • To promote a sensible attitude to alcohol among Irish citizens.
  • To contribute to a balanced understanding and debate on alcohol issues/policy on a national and european stage.
  • To help reduce alcohol related harm and therefore benefit the community of the North West of Ireland.


The NWAF was established in 2003. It consisted of stakeholders from community voluntary statutory agencies across health education community and justice with a special interest in addressing alcohol misuse and related harms.

In June 2006, the North West Alcohol Forum (NWAF) adopted its North West Alcohol Action Plan 2005-2010. It agreed that the establishment of a dedicated organisation / company charged with delivery of the Action Plan was the preferred method for driving and overseeing the implementation. It was mandated that the membership of the new company would be drawn from (but not exclusive to) the NWAF. On 7th March 2007 the NWAF LTD was established and is currently in the process of seeking charitable exemption

The initiative to establish a Forum was initially taken by the NWHB (now HSE West). In this context the NWAF LTD continues to enjoy a special relationship with the HSE hence the arrangement of two HSE partime staff with a North West Alcohol Forum brief. And agreement that the current project direction will be integrated into the duties of a senior staff member until the Company employs a director.

Main activities:

  1. Progressing European and national policy on alcohol.
  2. Lobbying governemnt re :introduction of measures to address culture of high risk drinking and health and social harms resulting
  3. Implementing the North West Alcohol Forum Alcohol Action Plan 2005-2010) in the North West region (Donegal Sligo Leitrim and West Cavan) through Community Mobilisation with the objective of reducing harmful drinking at a population level.
  4. Promoting a preventative approach, with regard to the impact of alcohol throughout the life-cycle by raising awareness, empowering with knowledge and developing parenting skills.
  5. Securing local support for the recommendations of the Sustaining Progress Special Initiative Working Group on Alcohol 2006, Strategic Task Force on Alcohol and of the North West Alcohol Forum Alcohol Action Plan 2005-2010
  6. Reviewing and developing services for early identification, management and treatment of alcohol-related harm.
  7. Promoting and supporting collaborative community-led initiatives under the Alcohol Action Plan.
  8. Supporting local alcoholic beverage industry and hospitality sector to take part in the Responsible Server of Alcohol Training Programme.
  9. Providing data/information and support to the Gardai and the legislature in relation to all new developments in legislation and within the justice system.