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Preben Hansen

Lerhøj 20, DK-2880

Tel: +45 70 22 23 15
Fax: +45 70 22 23 16


NGO Fontana

Objectives and Aims:

  • the spreading of knowledge of the treatment possibilities in relieving on addiction diseases as well as under the Club24-umbrella – to strengthen the social gathering of sober and clean alcohoholics and drug-addicts, their relatives and other people with interest in these issues.
  • Contributing to improve the family's conditions inland as well as abroad.
  • The Society aims at having special focus on weak groups of population in developing countries, which are directly or indirectly affected by HIV / Aids, Tuberculose, Malaria, Alcohol- and/or Drug Abuse as well as other poverty-affecting problems.
  • The Society can perform treatment or other therapeutical activities for the diseases mentioned in above point 3) – in Denmark as well as abroad.
  • The Society can – at the discretion of the Committee – enter into agreement with other Companies, Societies, NGO's, Institutions etc. operating within the frame of the objects of the Society.
  • The Society can contribute with financial aid to other humanitarian aims at the discretion of the Committee.
  • To have a Nationwide Collection with its own articles.


  • The amount of the subscription fee is decided every year at the general assembly.
  • Membership can be achieved by anyone, who wish to support the Object of the Society.
  • The Society is a Self-Governing Institution, which operates on a non-profit foundation.
  • The Society will achieve its income to finance its activities viacollection of subscription fees from the members and by applying for financial support
  • The highest authority of the Society is the General Meeting
  • Extraordinary General Meeting can at any time be summoned by theCommittee.

Main Activities:

  • Advocacy and networking in Denmark as well as in third-world countries on spreading the treatment possibilities on alcoholism and other drug-related diseases as well as the coherence between such treatment and the reduction in future HIV/AIDS contamination i.e. socalled HIV/AIDS harm reduction factor of addiction treatment.
  • Social events in both Denmark and abroad under the Club24-umbrella for sober alcoholics and clean drug-addicts, their relatives and other person with interest in the issue of chemical dependance with leasures, films, drama, conducted tours at museums, companies, in town etc.
  • Accomplishment of projects in third world countries financed by governmental funds, private funds as well as NGO Fontana's own collected financing earmarked to capacity building, consulting and counselling on introduction and maintenance of evidence-based treatment accoriding to the 12-step program.