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National Council of Unions and Associations Abstinence (National Council)

National Council of the National Council of Unions and Associations abstinence under the name 'National Council' brings together the legal entities acting to solve the problems of alcohol and promote sobriety. It is a voluntary and self-governing non-profit organization, interested in animation and democratization of the public understanding of alcohol problems and work for their reduction.
The National Council bases its activities on the social work of its members, and volunteers to manage the affairs may also employ workers.

Objectives and aims:

The purpose of the National Council is to increase the quality and effectiveness of initiatives related to the broader activities of abstinence movement to solve the problems of alcohol and attitudes to promote sobriety.

The purpose of the National Council is to promote activities in the area:

  • protection and health promotion
  • the prevention of social pathologies, with particular emphasis on the pathology of drunkenness and alcoholism
  • supporting NGOs and other social initiatives, including in particular measures to counteract the social exclusion of addicts and their family members
  • initiating the creation of standards of sobriety
  • support for local governments in addressing alcohol problems
  • to support the initiatives of government and parliamentary policy towards alcohol
  • cooperation with national and international organizations active in the resolution of wider problems with alcohol

The National Council carries out its activities through:

  • coordinating the activities of abstinence organizations operating in the country
  • carrying out training activities and educational environments for abstinence
  • expressing opinions against the laws on alcohol problems
  • conducting research and analysis in the resolution of alcohol problems
  • information and activities - publishing
  • provide training designed to improve the quality of the work of NGOs which are part of the National Alliance of Trade Associations and abstinence
  • initiating and promoting cultural sports and art. events, nature of sobriety and abstinence


  • The authorities of the National Council are: The General Assembly of Members,Management, Audit Committee
  • The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the National Council
  • Delegates to the General Assembly are representatives of trade associations in an amount of three delegates from each of the union and representatives of regional branches in quantities of three delegates from each branch elected at the General Meeting of Members of the Regional.
  • The General Assembly of Delegates made a preliminary open or secret election of the Chairman of the National Council and the Executive Board in an amount of 3-7 members.

Main Activities:

  • Lead to the creation of associations in the provinces where he has not yet formed (podlaskie, warmińsko-mazurskie, Opolskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Podkarpackie, Małopolska, Lubuskie)
  • The creation of the Office of the National Council in order to improve information flow and efficiency. Writing applications for funding from European funds and the coordination of programs nationwide.
  • Cooperation with organizations and institutions working towards solving the problems of wider alcoholic
  • Align technical disparities and housing associations to increase staff skills abstinence

Articles and Publications:

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