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”Our vision is a society, a world, where people can live their lives free from the obstacle of alcohol and other drugs.”

That is how we state our long term visions and goals. Simply because a society without drugs is a more open and better society for all.

In our work we give priority to the following areas:

· Advocacy for a restrictive alcohol and drug policy

· Prevention of alcohol and drug problems

· Social work

IOGT-NTO organises around 46.000 members. Together with our youth- and children's organisations, we have more than 60.000 members, in some 1.500 local clubs.

IOGT came to Sweden 125 years ago. At that time the consumption of alcohol was very high and led to big problems. The temperance movement organised many people in the fight against alcohol and the problems it caused. The work was successful and Sweden adopted a restrictive alcohol and drug policy which has decreased the use and as a result of that the problems.
The last ten years Sweden has changed into a more liberal policy. As a consequence of the Swedish membership in the European Union several of the restrictions have dissolved.

But our work is not only about political struggle and about advocacy work. We also have fun together, enjoying the company of others in our local groups in an environment free from alcohol and other drugs. There is travelling, concerts and other cultural events. It can be organising of fundraising activities for our fellow members in Eastern Africa or Sri Lanka. The important thing is that the local work is based on what the members in the local group want to do.

Objectives and aims: Our strategic work regarding alcohol and other drugs is aiming towards all levels of society. We carry out our advocating work through lobbying, campaigns and grass-root actions.
The goal of our advocacy for a better drug policy is to raise the awareness of politicians and policy makers on all levels.
The goals of the alcohol and drug policy work of IOGT-NTO:

· Stopping the increasing of the total consumption of alcohol

· Raising the average age of starting to use alcohol

· Reducing the use of narcotic drugs

· Reducing the number of young people who try narcotic drugs

Social work
Our social work is based on treatment and peer-support among former addicts and their relatives. We work through our treatment centre Dagöholm and through self-help groups all over Sweden.

The goals for our social work
We want to improve life conditions for people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, and we do that by engaging more and more former addicts and their relatives into our work. A “Social forum” is also to be started.

The aim of our preventive work is to affect people's values regarding alcohol and other drugs, in order to reduce the consumption of both alcohol and narcotic drugs.
Our preventive goals:

· Change the attitude of parents concerning alcohol

· Increase the number of people supporting a restrictive alcohol policy

· Improve the conditions of independent research on alcohol and other drugs

· Reduce the drug abuse among high risk groups

· Increase the number of alcohol and drug free places for all age groups

· Through our work with international aid, raise the awareness regarding alcohol as an obstacle for development

Structure: IOGT-NTO is a Non Governmental Organisation in Sweden. It is a part of the international organisation IOGT, International Organisation of Good Templars.
To be a member of the organisation a personal pledge is given, which promises abstinence from alcohol and other drugs and admits the equal value of all people.
The legal structure of the organisation has its base in the local clubs, based on geographical structure. Each member belongs to a local club. Those clubs are connected to a district, from which there are 23.
The highest authority of the organisation is the congress, which is held every second year. Delegates are elected by the districts. The congress elects a national board and adopts a plan of action, policy programmes and financial plans and reports.
Between the congresses the national board is responsible for implementing the plan of action.
The district has annual meetings with representatives from the local clubs. A district board is elected and works in the same way as the national board.
The local clubs also have annual meetings to elect a board and adopt a plan of action and financial plan and report. On these meetings all members in that club is entitled to vote.

Main activities: Networking with others gives us the strength to be more successful in our work. One example is co-operation with the sports movement in Sweden in a project raising the awareness about the risks for young people to access alcohol in connection to their sports activities. We also work together with schools and the police authorities with a Swedish version of the peer-supporting model called Dare (Say no to drugs).
We are flexible in the way we work. Always the needs of the people we meet decide how we organise ourselves. We are a part of the global IOGT-movement, which exists all over the world. The different organisations work in different ways, in order to adjust to different cultural contexts and social conditions.

Events we organise: Together with other organisations within the field of temperance and health we have an educational and cultural development organisation (NBV). NBV support production of study material and the administration of thousands of study circles each year.

IOGT-NTO has together with NBV, an office in Brussels. That gives us the opportunity to let our members and other organisations carry on the lobby work on an European level. Every half year we employ some one of our members to be situated in Brussels on a regular basis, as our political assistant.

The international development co-operation work in other countries is organised by The International Institute of the IOGT-NTO Movement (III). The institute office is placed in Gothenburg.