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Mironova Tatyana
Executive Director

35/1, B. Yakimanka St.
119049 Moskow, Russia

Tel: +7(916)3640417


Foundation United Society

The United Society Foundation was established in 2011. Together with the public authorities, experts and the public the Foundation run a project "Independent of alcohol" that aims at reducing alcohol abuse, as well as a number of sociological and expert research on the problem of alcohol abuse.

Objectives and Aims:

  • Informing the population about the different effects of different types of alcohol;
  • Undertaking research to understand the situation in the society and the perception of its citizens and experts;
  • Involving the public in the maximum number of preventive measures to combat alcohol abuse


The organsation employs 20 people, they are experts in the field of intelligence, public relations and health, which for a long time engaged in the study and analysis of the situation in the country, in the past participated in various events, including in cooperation with government authorities, representatives ministry.

Main Activities:

  • Organisation of events, seminars and press conferences
  • Research on public opinion on the problem of alcohol-related
  • Raids with government officials and the public in order to detect violations

Organized events:

  • On September 5, 2012, at RIA Novosti Information Agency, the United Society Fund had the press conference to present findings of the research concerning the alcohol threat and its reasons in Russia. The speakers were M.D. Alexander V. Nemtsov, Head of IT and System Research of the Moscow Psychiatric Research Institute of the Ministry of the Health and Social Development and Tatiana V. Mironova, Deputy Director of the United Society Fund.
  • October 30, 2012 Mr. A press conference dedicated to the start of the Novosibirsk contest of social advertising "Do not lose yourself!" The competition is supported by the Ministry of Industry of Novosibirsk. The press conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry, the government members of the Novosibirsk region, as well as representatives of the Foundation "United Company" - Tatyana Mironova. October,2012 - January, 2013
  • Organization of Alexander V. Nemtsov presentations at the International Conference "World

addiction" in St. - Petersburg November 30, 2012 with the presentation of research on alcohol