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Dr.Daniela Alexieva

Bolgrad Str. 5
1421 Sofia

Tel: +359 29633280
Fax: +359 887782777

Foundation Horizonti 21

Horizonti 21 was established in 2002 as a Bulgarian non-profit organisation working in the field of health promotion, substance abuse prevention and social integration, especially related to young people. It is one of the first in Bulgaria to implement alcohol policy and advocacy projects for reducing alcohol-related harm. The Foundation has national coverage and has taken part in various international projects, including Bridging the Gap, Elsa, PHEPA, Pathways for Health, Building Capacity, etc.

Objectives and Aims:

  • raising public awareness about alcohol-related risks and harms
  • prevention of substance abuse and addictions, especially in underage people
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people
  • supporting social integration of risk groups, especially at-risk children


  • Decision-making body: Advisory Board of a president, vice president and four members
  • Membership: based on written application, decided upon at Advisory board's meeting

Main Activities:

  • developing and implementing programmes for mental health promotion and prevention of substance abuse in adolescents
  • creating and implementing programs for supporting personal development and rehabilitation of socially disadvantaged individuals
  • organizing national and international forums dedicated to substance abuse issues, social integration, affirming individual's position in civil society
  • implementing scientific research and publications related to the aims of Horizonti 21 Foundation

Articles and Publications:

  • Bulgarian translation of Alcohol and Primary Health Care--Clinical Guidelines on Identification and Brief Interventions (2007)
  • Variations in General Psychological Well-Being as Side-Effect of Peg-Intron+Ribaverin Treatment of Methadone Maintenance Patients--a monitoring study (2006)
  • ELSA Rating Panel Field Test on Marketing Practices (2006)

Organized events:

  • June 2008: European Alcohol Policy, first national conference
  • January 2007: Medical Treatment of Addiction, a seminar by Michael Farell, UK
  • June 2006: Press-conference announcing the official publication of the Alcohol in Europe report