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Ms. Kristiina Hannula

Elimäenkatu 27
00510 Helsinki
Tel: +358 407015207



Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention

The EHYT – Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention is a national-level NGO that aims to promote healthy lifestyles and to prevent substance abuse.

Main activities:
- health promotion among children, young people and students, including preventive activities in social media
- health promotion among adults and elderly people, including substance abuse prevention in workplaces and prevention of social exclusion
- influencing national and local policy-making processes to promote health
- promoting road traffic safety
- coordinating the network of other national NGOs aiming to prevent substance abuse

Besides alcohol, drugs and tobacco, the target substances of the EHYT include addictive gaming and gambling.


The EHYT was founded in the beginning of 2012 by a merger of three earlier NGOs (Finnish Association for Healthy Lifestyles, Finnish Health Association NGO and the EOPH). The EHYT consists of more than 100 local and national voluntary organizations that share common goals in substance abuse prevention.