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FCAR has been founded in 1986. FCAR represents all the Rehabilitated Alcoholic Associations before the public and private institutions and media means in Catalonia. The geographic coverage is Catalonia.

Objectives and Aims:

Promotion, contribution and support to the activities of member organisations.


  • Executive Committee: President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 vocals
  • The General Assembly takes the most important decisions and the executive committee the minor ones.

Main Activities:

  • General Assembly, Congresses (every two years), courses and training seminars.
  • FCAR takes part of the Interdepartmental Commission on Drug dependences
  • Technical Tables on Social Welfare
  • FCAR is a member of FARE (Rehabilitates Alcoholics Spanish Federation)

Articles and Publications:

“L'informatiu FCAR”, bulletin edited with the support of the Program on Substance Abuse of the Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia. Description: articles related to alcohol dependence and consumption consequences. Frequency: Each semester.

Organised events:

  • Congresses every two years
  • Exchange Journey each year