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Estonian Temperance Union (Ühendus Alkoholivaba Eesti – AVE)

Estonian Temperance Union (AVE) is a successor of Estonian Temperance Union, which was recreated in 1989 and has acted since 1922. During the Soviet period AVE was banned like any other nongovernmental organisation. AVE´s main areas of work are prevention among children and young people, organizing cooperation among NGO-s and influencing alcohol policy.

Objectives and aims: AVE´s main goal is to curb alcohol related harm through dissemination of information and effective prevention work. AVE is a strong advocate for efficient alcohol policy which is based on science and international experience. Among young people AVE is developing alternative leisure-time activities and speaks for the healthy life-styles.

Structure: AVE has about 400 members. The board (7 members) is elected at the annual meeting (for 2 years). Day-to-day work is organized by the chairman/executive director. Everybody are working on a voluntary principal. The work is project based.

Main activities: Since 2003 a free newspaper for young people "OK – Ole Kaine" ("OK – Be Sober") has been published. AVE also organizes informatory lectures about alcohol, organizes seminars and conferences which propagate temperance and healthy lifestyle, publishes materials about alcohol related harm, alcohol policy etc. AVE makes contacts with similar organizations trying to find cooperation opportunities for achieving similar goals. AVE lobbies for efficient alcohol policy, keeping regular contact with governmental organisations, parties and members of parliament.

In 2007 AVE opened in Tallinn its first alcohol-free cafeteria for young people.

AVE is a member of Eurocare and NordAN.