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Jitka Jandáková

Centrum ALMA, o.p.s.
Milady Horákové 690/4
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic

Phone: +420-776 495 000



Centrum Alma

Centrum ALMA (formerly ALMA FEMINA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization that addresses the negative impacts of alcohol abuse directly to the citizens of the country. The organization was established to ensure subsequent care after treatment for alcohol dependence. The founders of the organization in 2007 prepared a project funded from European Social Fund and state budget of CR based on impulse of clients alone and established organization that has evolved gradually in the direction of professionalism. Over the last 8 years, providing services in outpatient treatment and subsequent care was identified insufficient support of these services by government organizations, mainly due to indeterminate grant and strategy in the alcohol policy. This fact led us to increased initiatives at international level in order to support the reconciliation strategy of the Czech Republic in alcohol policy with the EU Strategy. And this path led us up to membership in EUROCARE.

Structure: Organization structure is consistent with the legal framework ensured by the Governing Board (Administrative Council) voting Director (a statutory body) and the Supervisory Board, and is not based on membership. The legal form has the same characteristics as a business entity however, the purpose of the existence is not profit generation, but fulfilling its mission: „Helping with respect and dignity, to seek and find ways to increase the quality of life of people dependent or vulnerable to dependence on alcohol.“

Objectives and aims: Increase the quality of life of the clientele and inform wider public about issues with alcohol addiction.

Main activities:

  • Subsequent care for persons with alcohol addiction that received medical treatment in institutions by individual and group counselling and therapy
  • Advice center and outpatient treatment for persons with alcohol misuse problems or other addictive drugs, in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention level
  • Social, legal and professional advice
  • Consultancy for family members and partners
  • Phone and internet counselling
  • Mediation and psychiatric care
  • Monitoring the problems of alcohol addicted people in Czech Republic
  • Raising public awareness through seminars, professional trainings, consultations and conferences, as well as by publication activities

Centrum ALMA is a member of A.N.O. - The voluntary, professional, independent and apolitical association that serves as the umbrella organization of mainly non-governmental organizations providing addictological and social services to people at risk of addictive behavior.