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Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, was launched on 11 February 2009. The aim of the office is to deliver a coherent and authoritative focus on alcohol issues across the North East of England. It is the first office of its kind in the UK and it was developend to take cross-cutting approach to the alcohol agenda.

Objectives and Aims:

To reduce alcohol consumption at population level so the North East has healthier people living in safer communities.


The office consist of a team of seven professionals from a range of backgrounds. It reports to local councils in the North East of England.

Main Activities:

  • Educating and informing : giving all the information and support needed to make people aware of and understand the issues related to alcohol so they make informed choices.
  • Sharing best practice: looking at successful projects or ways of working that is having a positive impact - and sharing them
  • Calling on Government for change: asking them to adopt those measures which robust, international evidence tells us will reduce the harm caused by alcohol misuse

Organized events:

Stakeholder events are held on an ad hoc basis to support the aims of the organisation