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Dra Maria Luisa Marin

Dr. Rizal, 14; Bajos
08006 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 415 62 98
Fax: +34 93 237 20 86


Associació RAUXA

Associació RAUXA is an alcohol treatment charity that works with homeless people.

Aims and Objectives Its main objective is to alleviate chronic homelessness. To that aim the organisation offers treatment for homeless people with alcohol addiction. The treatment takes about 2 and a half years and it has the following phases:

1- Outreach resource at street: Furgoneta Rauxa (Rauxa Van), a van with six berths (started in January 1990).

2- Therapeutic Community with 18 beds (started in February 1991), where it began as a treatment centre for alchohol addiction.

3- Rauxa Flats (started in December 1992), 8 at the moment, where the social rehabilitation is carried on.

4- Labour Rehabilitation Resources: Labour Co-operative Rauxa (started October 1994). Restaurant without alcohol "La Terrasseta", where 134 suppers are offered daily for free (opened in May 2000).

5- At the discharge, patients mantain a different life-style, free of drugs and addictive behaviours.