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Don Shenker

Alcohol Health Network
4th Floor, Willow House
17 – 23 Willow Place
London, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3151 2420

Alcohol Health Network

Alcohol Health Network (AHN) is a UK-based social enterprise which aims to improve alcohol-related health in the workplace and in local communities.

The Network, led by its Director and founder Don Shenker, brings alcohol practitioners, researchers and e-health experts together to support alcohol harm reduction and health improvement via online approaches. We aim to continuously learn and share our learning.

AHN collaborates with the E-Health Unit at University College London, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and Middlesex University as well as other academics and practitioners who make up our expert academic advisory board.

AHN have created a new European Partnership for employers, which aims to increase and champion alcohol awareness and prevention across European workplaces. We're leading a new conversation with Europe’s key businesses, public sector employers and governments on alcohol harm prevention in the workplace.

The Partnership will enable organisations to hear from other partners how they are promoting alcohol awareness and tackling alcohol misuse in their workplace and to keep up to date with latest evidence on alcohol harm reduction and prevention approaches in the workplace.

We are members of and advise the UK Responsibility Deal for Public Health's Health at Work sub group on Alcohol and Work and the UK Health Forum's Healthy Places Network.

Aims and Objectives

Our objective is to support individuals to recognise if drinking is harming their health and to signpost to advice, support and treatment if necessary.

We achieve this through assisting businesses, public health bodies and local government to take a proactive approach to raising awareness of alcohol harms and by implementing best practice models in identification, referral and intervention.

Main activities

We work with companies and public health teams to reduce alcohol harm - in workplaces and in local communities. Our use of innovative e-health platforms supports individuals to identify if their drinking is causing them harm and provides them with the tools and advice they need to drink safely.

Our approach is firmly based on the research evidence, showing that supporting drinkers to understand their drinking levels helps them to identify risks to their health and to reduce drinking to lower, safer levels.

We support companies to raise awareness of alcohol harm across the workforce, using innovative e-health platforms which allow staff to assess their drinking confidentially.

We work with public health commissioners and leads to promote alcohol awareness in local communities, GP practices and with Hospital patients and pharmacies.

As a social enterprise, we are keen to share our knowledge, ongoing learning and expertise on alcohol harm reduction issues with a range of interested bodies, including Government departments, regional health groups, medical practitioners and trade unions.