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Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol Focus Scotland is Scotland’s national charity working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

Purpose and Aims

Alcohol Focus Scotland works to reduce alcohol harm to individuals, families, communities and Scotland as a whole, through the implementation of effective alcohol control policies and legislation.

We want to see fewer people have their health damaged or lives cut short due to alcohol, fewer children and families suffering as a result of other people's drinking, and communities free from alcohol-related crime and violence.

These aims cannot be achieved by any one organisation. Alcohol Focus Scotland engages with a wide range of partners including Government and policymakers, academics, practitioners, media, and the Scottish people. We are members of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK, a network of organisations whose mission is to reduce the damage caused by alcohol.

Core Functions

Alcohol Focus Scotland takes an evidence-based, outcomes-focused approach to delivering our work which involves:

  • Communicating news, information, research findings and briefings
  • Gathering evidence of the harm caused by alcohol and influencing key decision makers by advocating for effective policy
  • Developing learning opportunities and resources to support best practice

Strategic Priorities 2013-2016

Alcohol Focus Scotland aims to reduce harm by bringing about a significant reduction in alcohol consumption across the population.

Our strategic priorities:

  • Reduced affordability of alcohol
  • Reduced availability of alcohol
  • Regulated marketing of alcohol


Alcohol Focus Scotland is governed by a Board comprising of experts from a variety of backgrounds. The Chair of the Board is Dr Mac Armstrong CB and the Chief Executive is Dr Evelyn Gillan.

Articles and publications

Alcohol Focus Scotland publishes a wide range of information including policy reports, newsletters, briefing papers, factsheets and leaflets. These are available on our website: