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Suzanne Costello
Chief Executive Officer

Butler Court
25 Grand Street
Dublin 1

Tel: +35 3 872 195 723
+35 3 872 195 723
Fax:+35 3 1 874 9934


Alcohol Action Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland is a non-governmental organisation which seeks to inform and influence policy makers,politicians and grassroots organisations of the need to adopt evidence based policies to reduce the harms caused by alcohol.

Objectives and aims: The aim of the organisation is to encourage all citizens to recognise and challenge the harms caused by alcohol in Irish society.

Structure: Chief Executive Officer, Policy Officer, Communications and Media Officer, Information and Administrative Officer.

Main activities: Researching and writing Position Papers on various aspects of alcohol related harm. Informing and influencing politicians and policy makers. Providing indepth factual information on alcohol.

Articles or publications: 2006 National Survey of Attitudes to Alcohol, 2008 Position Paper on Alcohol Treatment Systems and Services.

Events we organise: Conference May 2008 Dublin,The Alcohol Policy Arena:Positioning Science, Research and Policy in relation to the Alcohol Industry.