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Vladimiras Karpovas

Gardino st. 25-25
LT-78238, Šiauliai

Tel: +37 06 275 779
Fax: +37 84 14 636 38


Agapao, a charity and support fund

Our organization has a rehabilitation centre for men addicted to alcohol and drugs. The centre was founded in 2002. The centre in located near Šiauliai city and takes men from all northern parts of Lithuania. Men receive relevant social-psychological services here and also are taught some certain occupations so that they can more easily re-integrate into the labour market.

Objectives and aims: Main goal of the rehabilitation community is to help people, who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and psychoactive substances and to integrate them into social life.

Structure: the head of organization is director and he makes all decisions concerning membership and all other things.

Main activities: Rehabilitation of addicted people; social – psychological help.